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ROCOR Western Rite Communities

Holy Annunciation is a Western-rite Canonical Orthodox Church 


The Ancient Faith Is for Real Men

  Why does the Orthodox Church appeal to men searching for truth and purpose? This is a phenomenon which is becoming more and more apparent in this secular and emasculating age.


  Holy Orthodoxy is a place where boys are expected to become men and then to act the part doing so without shame or trepidation. It is a place where one is called to enter into a worthy struggle against the enemy of our souls and to do it bravely. Unencumbered by the false notions and perverted sensitivities infecting modern society.     

  Men yearn for a place where the ekklesia the called out “Orthodox Catholic Church” established by Christ stand unyielding. Fed by the life-giving sacred mysteries (sacraments) found only in her bosom strengthening them for the podvig or spiritual struggle in the Church Militant.


 Often talk like this causes the enemies of our Lord to wring their weak hands in perplexity. Oh the bigotry, misogyny and hatred they say, hysterically appealing to their diversity loving so called inclusive master who is not Christ our King but the devil. A relentless purveyor of lies and filth and hater of mankind.


  Remember the enemy of our souls also has a scheme to divert those who are on their way to Christ’s true Church. Appealing by deceit to those good inclinations which rightfully desire to embrace authentic manhood. He does this by presenting flawed versions that may entice but also lead to destruction. For if a man be not in Christ he will surely perish.  


  Granted this is a short appeal and there is much more to expand upon. I simply believe this may touch a chord with some young men, middle aged men and even old men like me. If it does call me, email me and come visit us. 


                                                                                    God bless you, 


                                                                                    Fr. Kevin Kirwan


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